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Top Fashion Trends for 2013

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Top Trends for 2013

I saw someone walking down the street in a Onesie the other day. And by someone, I don’t mean a toddler. I mean a full-fledged, I-should-be-paying-taxes-but-I’m-probably-not kind of adult. And she – for it was a she – was wearing a pink velour Onesie.

Now, I’m broad-minded. I can understand how some people might want to wear, say, trendy tights with sandals. Also, I don’t wear stilettos, but I get that skittering around on eight-inch, pencil-thin heels might be considered sexy by some. I don’t totally get denim with denim, but, okay, I’ll admit that it may have a Village People type of appeal to it.

But a Onesie? For an adult? And not in the comfort of your bedroom, with the lights out, curtains drawn, and while every inch of you is covered with a duvet, but in broad daylight? Out on a street? And not after the Mayan calendar has brought the world to an end? (About that – has anyone considered that they might have run out of paper?)

Anyway, so besides the hopefully-short-lived adult Onesie, what else does 2013 have in store?

Don’t think boring horizontal stripes on a shapeless sweatshirt, the kind your mum wears when she goes to Tesco. Think Henry Holland. His panelled outfits for AW2012 have a strangely organic, yet deeply-digital look about them. They are now available in all their colourful symmetry at Urban Outfitters.

Victorian fashion is always in vogue. All those lovely corsets and hoops, with hip-enhancing bustles and bunches of roses beribboned on to your cleavage. But this year, there are two other historical trends that are centre-stage. The Tudors with their tapestry and frilly collars, and the flappers with their dropped waists and too-cool-for-school head bands.

I know I’ve been harping on about the shorts-suit, but it’s such a cool look. You can try it in hip tweed to wear to the office, or in bubblegum pink with an orange waistcoat a la Gangnam Style. Or, if you’re feeling especially daring, give sequinned hotpants or leather shorts a try.

If 2012 was all about tropical and digi-prints, 2013 may be turning towards a water motif for its prints. So, bring out those aqua colours, seaside prints, and, of course, if you can choose designer wear, try on Ada Zanditon’s obsession with sea horses for size.

By monochrome, I don’t just mean white and black prints. I mean, go the whole hog with Fifty Shades of Grey S&M style, and try white lace and black leather, or white lace and black velvet. Accessorize with leather whips and flatback hair brushes. (Okay, don’t do that.)

You may be getting a little tired of lace dresses – we kind of wore them to death in 2012. But sheer is still in. Sheer arms and shoulders, transparent panels, lacey tights, it all works. If you go the way of Temperley London, in their SS2013 collection, you can get sheer panels with stripes all in the same outfit.

Bare midriffs
I’m not too keen on the waist cut-out look. I prefer the crop top with a long billowing skirt outfit. Or a straight skirt, for that matter, like Rihanna wearing a Miu Miu to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012. Bare midriffs were all over the SS2013 runways, with Balenciaga taking the lead with crop tops and trousers, ruffle skirts, minis and asymmetric skirts.

Of course, expect all things baby to be on top of the list of trends. Still, no adult Onesies, please!

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